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Qualities we seek from candidates include: full-time availability, an excellent command of English, a good ear for audio, ability to understand a broad range of English accents, and willingness to work at short notice.

Our application process is simple yet challenging. Only between 2% – 5% of our applicants pass our assessments as we take the applicants’ English-language skills very seriously.

How to Apply

Way With Words Group is currently recruiting motivated and competent people to assist with our transcription work.

You must have an excellent command of English. We emphasize that “excellent command of English” means exactly that. Being a native speaker of English does not by any means imply that your standard is adequate. You should be aware of the rules of English punctuation, for example, regarding apostrophes.

You must be familiar with word processing and computers in general, although no in-depth expertise is required.

You need to be a reasonably fast typist, e.g. minimum 50 words per minute. You should, for example, be able to transcribe an hour of clear recording in four hours or less.

To be an independent contractor, your must have a home computer with an Internet connection and Microsoft Word. You are responsible for maintaining your computer, and will be required to download MSN Messenger (Microsoft downloads) to keep in touch with our office for available work. You are expected to contact our managers daily, or as available, so that work can be allocated accordingly.

You need to be able to commit to at least 20 hours of work per week, and preferably even more.


Payment is effectively by the hour of work. Workflow is allocated on an “as and when” basis. New independent contractors start during a probationary period on a rate of US$30.00 up to US$45.00 per audio hour; this can go up to as much as US$67.00 per audio hour depending on your availability, ability, performance, and length of contractor service. Kindly note that rates are reviewed annually and consideration is given to market and inflation indicators.


Applicants are required to take a two part entrance test. Part 1, which will take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete, consists of questions regarding your understanding of the English language. You may take this part of the test at any time. If you pass, we will notify you by email and invite you to take Part 2, which consists of a 20 to 30 minute transcription task. If you pass Part 2, you will be informed of this by email and contacted by our Training Department within a week.


How to apply