TheRealWorkFromHomeMom.com was started to help stay at home moms and anyone interested in working from home to gain home-based work. It was also created to help with time management, organization, frugal living and attending to the needs of the family. It was created as a result of Becky Long’s work from home journey.  Very few REAL answers are available to moms looking for how to get started and be successful working from home. Very few sites offer REAL guidance in these areas. TheRealWorkFromHomeMom.com is here to provide everything you need to work from home successfully.
TheRealWorkFromHomeMom combines Becky Long’s  knowledge and experience with her desire to help other mothers like you.  The result is flexibility and freedom that allows more quality family time and peace of mind.



About Becky Long

Becky’s journey working from home began in the summer of 2008.  Becky and her family were living and working on a cattle ranch in rural Colorado.  It was a great job, but Becky wanted something more. She wanted her own career.  She wanted to contribute an income to her family and she wanted her own job security. Living in such a rural area didn’t allow many opportunities.  She also loved the freedom of being home and being available to her family.  She didn’t want to spend all day at work.

Becky had heard about working from home, but had no idea where to start.  There wasn’t much support since working from home is often associated with a scam. It was a real struggle in the beginning to find legitimate jobs and to weed through opportunities to find suitable jobs. It became a job to find a job!

Becky was persistent and with a lot of time and research she was able to find employers and start building her business.  Becky is here now to share with you what she learned and to teach you how to work from home successfully.

Becky now works from home as a Project Manager/Virtual Assistant.  Her salary has risen faster than any “brick and mortar” job she has had.  She does not have to worry about commuting or having a work wardrobe. She is able to keep her work skills fresh while gaining new skills. Most of all, her job still allows time for her family. Becky has been married to her husband, Jim, since 1995 and they have four children.

There is more to working from home than the actual work involved. It is discovering your existing talents and desires. It is working out the little challenges along the way that may be preventing you from being successful in YOUR JOURNEY ! It is having someone, like Becky to help provide honest guidance, support and resources.

Becky is showing moms how to be successful in work and home. She is providing the needed assistance to move toward more freedom and flexibility.  Working from home is an awesome experience and it is allowing moms to continue their career while being home with the kids. You can work and be a stay at home mom at the same time!.



About Barbara Green, Web Content Manager

Barbara is the Web Content Manager for TheRealWorkFromHomeMom.com  She is a work from home mom who enjoys spending time with family.Due to unforeseen circumstances, she is a single parent of three children. Although events took a turn in her life, she still found the desire to homeschool her children while working from the home. Her home-based dream was still a possibility even through life changes and is providing a strong avenue to continue as a freelance mom.

Through a life of accomplishment, Barbara has finished several college degrees and has a love for learning. She always had a dream and desire to complete her master’s degree. After being out of school for seventeen years, she decided to follow her dream while being at home with the children.

Working from home has made so many things possible for her and her family. She has worked in a variety of roles from the home. Each unique experience has brought additional skills to her portfolio. She has learned different angles of working from home in diverse types of job opportunities.

Her passion through the years remains the same. She loves the ability to work from home and make a difference in the lives of her children. She currently enjoys creating her own personal content through Yahoo Contributor Network and Ezine Articles, and is working on creating her own personal homeschool, Writing Notes, and Girl Scout Fun blogs.

She also works creating content for a variety of companies online as well as her own. She provides article content for well-known running blogs, survey sites, review sites, and creates web content for businesses, as well as a variety of other services.

Visit Barbara’s blog at www.TheRealHomeSchoolMom.com.

Yahoo Contributor http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/1009872/barbi_green.html

Working from home has been a wonderful experience for Barbara and her family. It provides flexibility to be at home with her children. As a homeschool mom, she has the ability to create a schedule which is best for her family.

Barbara can schedule time out of the home for field trips, or to do extra-curricular activities. Appointments are not a problem and can be made without any impact upon her personal work activities. Working from home is a dream come true for Barbara and her family.

Personal Note: Working alongside Becky has been a wonderful experience. She has a true passion for working from home and helping other mothers to do the same. She is experienced professionally and is passionate about her dream and vision, truly being TheRealWorkFromHomeMom. Becky loves working with people and understands the importance of also taking care of her family.

If you have a dream and desire to work from home, it is possible!.



About Arif Karim, Web Developer

Arif Karim is the Web Developer for TheRealWorkFromHomeMom.com. He holds a B.S.C in Computer Science and Engineering. Arif is a web developer professional and develops and designs unique and beautiful websites.

He livs and works in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Over the past few years, he have designed and developed templates, websites, logos,  and banners.  He prefers to develop websites on php, mysql, codeigniter, wordpress, joomla Open source CMS (Content Management System).  The full range of typical tasks in a codeigniter, joomla, wordpress, project include implementation, coding, theming, customizing, theme designing and designing with photoshop and CSS like PSD 2 HTML .  Visit Arif’s portfolio at portfolio.scripttunner.com. He is experienced in:


  • PHP
  • Codeigniter
  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Joomla
  • PSD to HTML
  • Adobe Photoshop